Stone Stacks 10-Ft – WS


Made in the USA of durable, lightweight polyethylene. No painting, no chipping, no rotting, no maintenance!  Burlingham’s ingenuity allows for limitless options with the Stone Stacks! The Stone Stacks allow you use them individually, as a flower box for example or to build a stone wall for any level in 6″ increments. Each stone stack fits securely on top of each other.  The Stone Stacks are also designed to fit securely on top of the culvert wall.  The recessed holes allow you to add flowers for an additional look.  Choose Brown or Grey Stone and for a 10′ and 12′ jump. 

Product Description

  • Made in the USA!
  • Made of durable, lightweight, no maintenance polyethylene.
  • 22 recessed flower holes for 10′
  • 28 recessed flower holes for 12′
  • Colors: Brown Stone, Grey Stone.
  • Dimensions:
  • 10′ – 6″ H x 9’6″ L – 24 LBS. PER SET
  • 12′ – 6″ H x 11’6″ L – 30 LBS. PER SET