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Striped Perfect Poles 10′-WS


The Perfect Pole is a wood pole encased in Polyethylene which protects it from the elements!  The color is molded into the Polyethylene and will not fade or rub off. Burlingham Sports manufacturing process eliminates the problems associated with painting, such as chipping and peeling. or rotting.  Perfect Poles will provide years of maintenance free use!

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  • Made in the USA by Burlingham Sports 
  • Dimensions: 10′ L x 3.5″ D / 8′ L x 3.5 D
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Available Colors 10′:
    • White W/ Black Stripes
    • White W/ Blue Stripes
    • White W/ Green Stripes
    • White W/ Red Stripes
    • White W/ Yellow Stripes
    • White W/ Grey Stripes 
    • White W/ 2 Red Stripes
    • Black W/ Royal Blue Stripes
    • Dark Grey W/ Green Stripes
    • Dark Grey W/ Red Stripes
    • Brown W/ Green Stripes





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Black with Royal Blue Stripes, Brown with Green Stripes, Dark Grey with Green Stripes, Dark Grey with Red Stripes, White with 2 Red Stripes, White with Black Stripes, White with Blue Stripes, White with Green Stripes, White with Grey Stripes, White with Red Stripes, White with Yellow Stripes